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My favourite manga comes to an end.

No need to say I’m crying even my soul.

A wonderful manga comes to an end in a simply wonderful way. After a little loss of pathos, the last ten chapters have been growing and growing in quality e wonderful-ness.

My three favourite characters have been made the most of themselves, breaking my heart.

Easley and Raki have been awesome, two heroes in a war which they didin’t have to be in — an Awakened Being and a human? An Awakened Being and a human killing the villain? They have done. Easley hasn’t been forgotten. Because the true great characters remain forever.

Teresa comments herself on her own. Taken back by Claire’s strength (and Claire’s evolution has never been bilittled) she’s shown the world even the smallest crumb of her might. She’s so terribly profound. Nearly every word of hers have made me cry. She’s an angel. She’s my favourite female character ever and she destroyed the character I hate most, also affecting me. She’s given Claire everything. In the end, she’s given back even her smile, that smile Claire’s taught her the meaning of, so long ago.

And Irene’s alive. Her strength has been used during the battle against Priscilla, and she’s alive. I swear I’ve ever dreamed of an ending in which Claire would have come back to the mountains to give back to a cold grave the arm she borrowed; Yagi’s decided to make me much happier.

These three characters are alive, somehow. And they’re beautiful.

The Organization and the Unicorn are defeated, back to dust, and now comes the joy. Many have given their lives, my tears will never end — but if a delighted future for the warriors I loved so much exists, I just have to thank them. And now let’s get plastered, laugh, live.

Thank you, Claymore. Thank you, Norihiro Yagi. Thank you for one thousand feelings, one thousand tears and one thousand smiles, thank you for a beautiful story, thank you for characters that are gonna stay in my heart forever, thank you for epic battles, for precious teachings, for the models to follow.

Thank you.